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Introducing Croatia

This up and coming destination is perhaps not so up and coming anymore; as more and more travellers unravel its unbelievable beauty, Croatia is finally receiving the acclaim that it deserves. A hidden gem in Eastern Europe, this coastal gem has long been overshadowed by its biggest neighbour, Italy. Venice stole the hearts of romantics whilst Sicily became the first port of call for foodies. But for those in the know, those really in the know, Croatia is a destination with something amazing for everyone. Travel to Istria for roman arena ruins with just as much wow as the Colosseum, spend a night in Zagreb and discover the romance of the 18th and 19th Century Austro-Hungarian architecture as well as the Gothic landmark cathedral, or peel back the city’s exterior and wander the winding streets of Dubrovnik to taste real, authentic food in an underground “Konoba”. For families in search of the exotic, couples in search of something off the beaten path, or for groups in search of the perfect mix of parties and sightseeing, the destination of Croatia will not leave you wanting.

With a great combination of both city and beach, this incredible country set along the Adriatic Sea and wedged between Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia, is nothing short of surprising. With islands as beautiful as Greece, national parks spectacular enough to rival Romania, and unforgettable landmarks – such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Ancient City Walls in Dubrovnik, The Arena in Pula and the Roman Ruins in Porec – to give Italy a run for its money, there’s no reason why Croatia shouldn’t be your next European destination. And if it’s the island life that you desire, get ready to fall head over heels in love with Brac Island and its dreamy beaches, have the time of your life at the music festivals of Murter, eat like a king on the island of Vis where restaurants rule and bad food has been banished, forget all your troubles as you wind down in the secluded bays and beaches of Mljet, or kick back and do nothing at all except sunbathe on the soft, sandy island of Korcula. There’s a place for everyone here in Croatia and the country’s warm hospitality will have you feeling right at home as soon as you arrive in your chosen destination.


Travelling with kids in Croatia is fantastic because hotels are very welcoming to people of all ages. Generally, hotels and hotel rooms are well facilitated and bathrooms tend to be spacious enough for whole families. But don’t expect to find baby changing facilities easily when you’re out and about in public – your best chance for child toilet facilities is at shopping malls and modern restaurants (rather than the small street taverns or traditional underground basement restaurants). Rental cars can also offer child car seats so if you’re planning on a family road trip, this can be very handy.


The food in Croatia is both varied and distinctive, and has taken influences from its neighbours such as Italy, Hungary and Turkey. Pizzas, pastas, stews and soups appear on many restaurant menus and you will also find a distinct difference between coastal and inland dining, where fish and seafood dominate the Adriatic coastline and its many islands and schnitzels and strudels become common places as soon as you get to Zagreb. Oysters are a speciality in Croatia (especially close to Ston where the oyster farms are) and pilchard, mackerel and tuna are the best catches along the coast. Non fish specialities include Štrukli cheese pastries, Istrian Fuži made with truffle, Vitalac grilled lamb and Punjene Paprike minced meat stuffed peppers.

History and Culture

The Croatian people have been around for more than fourteen centuries but there have been many changes to the country’s independence. It became a part of Yugoslavia in 1929 before a series of political upheavals which led to independence again in 1992. Today, the culture of Croatia reveals the many influences it has relished over the decades and its ancient heritage can still be seen with its many monuments and ruins. The Croats are notoriously friendly, happy-go-lucky people and culturally, they are probably most recognised for their love of great food, their mounting global sporting achievements ever since independence, and their many science fiction authors. Other than that, they host some of the best music festivals in the world, making Croatia a number one destination for music fans.

Top Locations in Croatia

Although Zagreb is the capital, Dubrovnik is the most popular city destination in Croatia. Its coastal location, traditional old town, Ancient City Walls, lively nightlife and beautiful beachfront hotels make it so. Don’t miss the cliff side bars which can be found along the City Walls – the perfect place for sunsets. Read more
Split offers a great mix of beaches, ruins and old world courtyards. And foodies are in luck – this is a fresh food paradise so you’ll be sure to eat well. Nightlife is also pretty good and the atmosphere is very laid back. Plus don’t miss the 4th Century Diocletian’s Palace with its sprawling remains of around 200 individual buildings. Read more
Plitvice Lakes
The Plitvice Lakes National Park has become one of the most iconic natural wonders of Croatia, one which features on many guidebooks and postcards. This park is a must-visit and offers some of the most unforgettable waterfall walks.
Zagreb is truly unmissable; not only do the Croats consider it their national capital but it’s also in a sense, the cultural capital of Croatia. Come here to learn more about real Croatian culture, the country’s rich history and authentic Croatian cuisine. It’s home to some pretty interesting museums too – including the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art and the Museum of Broken Relationships. Read more
This island has something for everyone so no matter whether you’re going as a family, a couple or as a group, it’s not going to disappoint. The beaches are glorious by day and light up with a party atmosphere at night, the restaurants are affordably amazing and Hvar Town is always bustling with people. A great place to be if you love to socialise and mingle. Read more

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