Introducing Zagreb

As a capital, it can quite often be overlooked as tourists flock to the coast for their fix of sun, sea and island hopping. But this capital is a vibrant and offbeat destination that offers a truly unique cultural experience, ideal for those who find it hard to curb their curiosity in a resort. For an off the beaten path city break, Zagreb has it all. From local culture to a world of arts and music and from the most mind-blowing architectural masterpieces to serious gastronomy for foodies, Zagreb is the sort of place that will surprise and surprise. Take a stroll through this beautiful city and you’ll be met with the most amazing buildings, monuments and churches, reflecting a rich past from every period in history and for those who just can’t resist the draw of the ocean, there are usually daytrips leaving daily to places such as Rijeka or Opatija.

Highlights of Zagreb

Ban Jelačić
Explore the city’s main square of Ban Jelačić and soak up the lively atmosphere around the shops, bars and restaurants.
Tkalčićeva Street
Walk along the famous pedestrian street, Tkalčićeva Street. This bustling walkway is lined with cafes and bars so it’s the perfect lunch or dinner spot.
Zagreb Cathedral
Located in the Kaptol area is Zagreb Cathedral, a Roman Catholic building that is the tallest building in Croatia.
Croatian Museum of Naïve Art
Visit this interesting gallery and museum, dedicated to the work of naïve artists of the 20th century

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