Introducing Latvia

Despite its abundance of attractions and cities, Latvia is still one of Eastern Europe’s lesser explored regions. A holiday here is highly recommended as it is a great destination for exploring a country adorned with beautiful sights, rich culture and history and picturesque towns. The country also still retains a vibrant folk culture that is reflected in the country’s architecture, customs, and festivals.
Explore one of the many open-air museums peppered across the key cities and towns, to gain a greater understanding of this fascinating culture or spend some time reconnecting with nature in one of Latvia’s rich forests, reserves, or rivers. Latvia provides its visitors with the chance to appreciate exciting modernity in cities like Riga, its lively capital city, in addition to offering you ample opportunities to discover magnificent landscapes that will leave you speechless.

Recommended Experiences in Latvia

Top Locations in Latvia

Riga Town Hall Square
Riga's Town Hall Square has long served as the city's commercial hub and has been painstakingly maintained as it captures the beauty of the city. The House of the Blackheads, the Latvian Occupation Museum, and the Baroque Clock Tower, which is a section of the actual Town Hall, are only a few of the most well-known landmarks in the area that could be explored on your travels.
Jauniela Street
One of Latvia's most picturesque streets is Jauniela. The cobbled streets are adorned with buildings of various colours, several of the buildings also include Art Nouveau decorations, while the street is well-known for the profusion of vibrant flowers that spill out of window boxes. The area is great for walking and stopping at the cafes or restaurants for a drink or a bite to eat.
Latvian National Opera
Both the Latvian National Opera and the Latvian National Ballet company are housed at the formidable Latvian National Opera. Therefore, you can enjoy a variety of performances here, including opera and ballet performances, traditional Latvian folk tales, and plays, to soak up Latvian heritage and mingle with the locals.
Visit the Sauna Museum
Latvia is famous for its saunas, and you can indulge in this traditional pampering activity by visiting the Sauna Museum. The site is entirely open-air, and six traditional bathhouses illustrate the story of spa treatments throughout the years. Be sure to experience the signature Black Sauna during your time there.
Experience Saint Peter’s Church
A UNESCO World Heritage Site it is believed to be one of the earliest and most magnificent examples of mediaeval style in the Baltic region. One incentive to visit is to see the clock tower, which performs traditional Latvian music five times a day and has a big bell that chimes on the hour.

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