Mongolian, China
Mongolian Tugrik
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8 hours and 24 minutes from the UK
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UTC/GMT +8 hours
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Introducing Mongolia

Mongolia is fast becoming a destination of choice for travellers looking for boundless beauty and scenery, rich culture and heritage and unique experiences unspoilt by tourism.

The most fascinating aspect of this country is of course its impressive landscape. Snow-capped mountain peaks, vast deserts that seem to go on for miles and amazing wilderness is what you can expect to embrace on your adventures here. A must see during your travels is the Gobi Desert with its grand dunes and ice capped canyons, as well as the capital, Ulaanbaatar, where you can appreciate the city’s Soviet style influences, skyscrapers and Buddhist monasteries.

Top Locations in Mongolia

Lake Khovsgol
This beautiful freshwater lake is also Mongolia's greatest in size. It is one of the world's 17 oldest lakes and is thought to be more than two million years old. It is located at the foothills of the Sayan Mountains in the far north of Mongolia, close to the Russian border. It is encircled by soaring mountains, wide valleys, and a national park that is home to yaks, elk, and Siberian moose, among other creatures, such as birds and fish.
Experience the spectacular dramatic cliffs famed for their numerous dinosaur fossils. Palaeontologist Roy Chapman Andrews discovered numerous dinosaur bones and eggs at these sand cliffs in 1922. His first discovery was a two-meter-long dinosaur that was eventually called the protoceratops Andrews.
Tsenkher Hot Springs
Indulge in the healing powers of the Tsenkher hot springs surrounded by dramatic mountains and flowing rivers. These have long been used as a traditional Mongolese medicine.
Erdene Zuu Monastery
When Erdene Zuu (Hundred Treasures), the country's first Buddhist monastery, initially opened its doors, it contained about 60 temples, 300 gers, and about 1000 monks. Unfortunately, all monasteries apart from 3, were destroyed during the 1937 rebellions, and many monks were either murdered or deported to work camps.
Genghis Khan Statue Complex
Outside of Ulaanbaatar, the Genghis Khan Statue Complex overlooks the plains and mountains and can be seen from afar. Built in 2008 to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Mongol Empire's inception, this enormous, magnificent statue of Genghis Khan riding atop a horse is 40 metres high. It is the biggest equestrian statue in the world, weighing 250 tonnes of stainless steel.

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