Introducing St Helena

Situated 1,200 kilometres off the coast of Africa, St Helena is a breath-taking tropical utopia of volcanic, mountainous landscapes that engulf the whole island. Remote and only 47 square miles, it is a marvellous adventure island with 400 bird species and 750 marine species, including whale sharks. The entire island captivates with its dramatic landscapes, sand dunes, verdant hills and stunning rocky peaks. A hidden gem, inaccessible up until 2017, it is a destination unlike other, where off the beaten track discoveries await, its charming crystal – clear waters are inviting, and giant forts and spectacular walks abound.

Top Locations in St Helena

Visit Jonathan the oldest living turtle
The oldest surviving living land animal on Earth is a tortoise named Jonathan. He is also the oldest reported Chelonian as of January 2022. Jonathan, who was born in the early 1800s, has spent his entire life on the isolated island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. He has lived his entire life on the island in the paddock of the Plantation House, together with a few other tortoises.
Explore Napoleon’s House in Longwood
Napoleon, who may be the most well-known inhabitant of the island, had a lasting impression on St Helena. Explore Longwood House where you can discover Napoleon's Tomb and visit The Briars too. There is also a souvenir shop available.
Flagstaff Trek
With a well-defined path to follow, Flagstaff is a fantastic stroll to explore on the Island. It is a simple walk across Deadwood Plain and takes you through one of the Boer prisoner camps and offers many opportunities to see the endangered rare Wirebird. With wonderful island vistas, this is a fantastic afternoon stroll.
Walk to Jacob’s Ladder
One of the 7 wonders of St Helena, it was originally built in 1829 to transfer cargo from Jamestown to Ladder Hill fort. Climbing Jacob’s Ladder is just one of the things you have to try on the island, and the views do not disappoint. Jacob's Ladder is a 699-step climb from Jamestown, which is located in the valley floor, to the fort at Ladder Hill, which is located on the western slope of the valley.
Museum of St Helena
At the base of Jacob's Ladder, The Museum of St Helena is situated in a late-18th-century stone structure that was previously the ancient power station. The Governor, David Hollamby, formally opened it on May 21, 2002, which marked the discovery of the island's 500th year. In the museum you can explore the history of the island and visit the souvenir shop.
Diving in St Helena
Exploring the underwater world in St Helena is one of the greatest experiences on the island. With sea temperatures between 19-26C and high visibility of 15-25metres, discovering the abundant marine life and wrecks is an amazing activity. The best dive wreck sites to explore include SS Papanui, Frontier, White Lion and RF Darkdale.

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