Your holiday is one of the most important events for you and your family, so why restrict your vacation to just one destination? You could choose to enjoy your holiday with a multi-centre trip, combining a visit to two different countries or two regions of one destination. This is great if you are trying to satisfy the needs of your whole family, especially if some prefer adventure and activity and others desire to spend their day laying on a tranquil beach and indulging in luxury hotel facilities. Imagine spending a two-week trip discovering the wonders of Egypt in Cairo and then heading off to Sharm El Sheikh for a relaxing beach getaway. Another great way to discover more of our spectacular world, is to island hop. Island hopping is not only relaxing, but an incredible experience to explore a destination’s beauty, history and culture. For example, you could experience the enchanting Mediterranean islands or head further afield to the Indian Ocean for epic island adventures.

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