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Introducing Vietnam

Vietnam is a tourist-friendly destination, one where landscapes are lush, cities are captivating, and South East Asian cooking really comes into its own. Neighbouring countries may dispute this claim, but when it comes to cuisine, Vietnam rules. So if you’re travelling to South East Asia for an incredible culinary experience, this country cannot be missed off your bucket list. For family travel or a romantic getaway, Vietnam isn’t short of luxury resorts either. Lavish spa hotels and palm fringed establishments with infinity pools form clusters across the long coastline and eco-tourism is a chic concept that’s really up and coming here. But what most holidaymakers love most about visiting Vietnam is the endless choice of things to do during your stay. For whether you love quaint villages and stunning scenery or lively beach parties and grand colonial cityscapes, Vietnam has something for everyone to enjoy.

Spend a few days exploring old Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City and taste the incredible street eats at Ben Thanh Market; head to Hanoi to capture those postcard-perfect snaps and to immerse yourself into the chaotic local life around the Old Quarter; take to the Red River Delta to watch the traditional water puppet performances of Múa Rối Nước; or make tracks for Nha Trang where you can laze around on a beach and enjoy a great mix of beach, waterparks, golfing and great seafood. Whatever you get up, a holiday to Vietnam will be a memorable one.


Vietnam is a changing world; when once it was devastated by war, it’s now a favourited travel destination in South East Asia and the tourism industry has developed so much over the last decade. Family travel has never been easier and being such a hands-on country, it’s very easy to plan an activities based holiday to suit all ages. Halong Bay is a great place for outdoor adventures and boat cruises can give you the ultimate cherry pick tour of the country’s top locations, whilst Hanoi is filled with museums, galleries and landmarks to entertain and educate. Travelling with kids in Vietnam is generally considered to be very safe and the most popular beach destinations will always have lifeguards.


Other than the mind-blowing scenery and pristine beaches, local cuisine is where Vietnam really excels. Of all the street food destinations of Asia, Vietnam always comes up tops with travellers. Flavour, fragrance and fresh ingredients are the key factors of Vietnamese cooking and the mix of spices can be incredibly complex with sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and earthy all working in harmony to strike perfectly balanced dishes. If you ask any local chef, they will tell you that it’s all about the yin and yang, and taste equilibrium is very much the Vietnamese philosophy. Dishes you have to try are Gỏi cuốn pork rice paper rolls, the famous Banh Mi baguette, Banh Xeo sizzling pancakes, classic Pho noodles, Cao Lau spiced pork noodles, Com Tam broken rice, and Hanoi’s speciality of Bun Cha grilled meat served on a bed of noodles.

History and Culture

Local culture takes on a mix of Chinese influences as well as influences from the West. French colonialism, commonly known as French Indochina, took place between the years of 1887 and 1954 and evidence of this can still be seen today intermingled into every culture. Colonial architecture can be found in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (both have their own French Quarters) and culinary influences have added a Euro-twist to national dishes such as the Banh Mi baguette or Bún Ốc snail noodles; a real fusion of the nations. The great cultural diversity has cultivated a nation of friendly, welcoming people and anyone who travels to Vietnam. Some people will tell you that they are as cheeky as they charming – so beware of being overcharged or ripped off!

Top Locations in Vietnam

This has got to be one of the most beautiful capitals in Asia. Unlike the typical skyscraper capitals of the East, Hanoi has a captivating mix of old and new, and set along the Red River and Ho Tay Lake lined with pagodas, this city gets top marks for scenery. Be sure to also visit Hoan Kiem Lake to see Turtle Tower, head over to One Pillar Pagoda to see the reconstructed Buddhist temple, and check out Hanoi Opera House for a fine example of French architecture from the early 1900s.
Ho Chi Minh City
There are fewer places in the world quite as magical as Saigon. Traffic can be a nightmare and getting around isn’t easy during rush hour but the experience is very much worth it. If you’re travelling with children, the easiest mode of transport is by private car or taxi and some of the sights not to be missed are the Cu Chi Tunnels (learn about the Vietnam war in a real setting), the Colonial Concert Hall, the War Remnants Museum, Saigon Central Post Office, and Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens. For the best street eats in the city, head to Ben Thanh Market at night.
Head to this incredible coastal city in central Vietnam to explore the French colonial port and to kick back on the white sandy beaches. This stunning destination is also a great base for anyone wishing to explore the beautiful Ba Na Hills, where the 13 mile Hải Vân Pass takes you to vantage points over Da Nang Bay and the Marble Mountains.
Nha Trang
If you’re looking for family friendly beach resorts and exciting island exploration, take to Nha Trang where the palm fringed, white sand coast is designed for luxury beach holidays! The main beach stretches on forever and is lined with convenient bars, cafes and restaurants – and you can explore the nearby islands by boat.
Ha Long Bay
Captivating islands riddled with caves and the most intense sunset vistas with junk boats lining the horizon; Ha Long Bay is the most iconic destination in Vietnam and it’s the picture you see in books, magazines and on postcards. This gorgeous setting is great for travellers of every age but it’s especially ideal for the physically active who love hiking, rock climbing or diving.

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