Norwegian, Sami
Norwegian Krone
Flight time
2 hours and 10 minutes from the UK
time difference
UTC/GMT +1 hours
best time to go
Jun-Aug / Mar-May

Introducing Norway

Experience a country of majestic fjords and towering mountains, attractive cities and huge open areas, where the sunshine beams in the summer time and the Aurora Borealis dazzles in the winter skies.
Any planned trip to Norway should certainly start with a visit to the fjords, Norway’s most unique and stunning feature. Their placid, deep waters are flanked with communities and surrounded by woods, glaciers, and snow-capped hills. Whereas Oslo, Norway’s capital is modest and offers a wealth cathedrals and historic landmarks, amidst its ethereal natural beauty.

Another of the country’s most popular attractions, Troms, is almost entirely at the other side of the country. This vibrant city, located just over 200 miles within the Arctic Circle, serves as a starting point for excursions of Norway’s extensive northern wilderness. It’s a region of pleasant, hospitable bars and restaurants, and features the spectacular and stunningly modern Ishavskatedralen (Arctic Cathedral), with its massive, triangular stained-glass window.

Top Locations in Norway

Arctic Cathedral
The Arctic Cathedral was designed by Jan Inge Hovig, a Norwegian architect, in 1965. The structure is designed to resemble enormous blocks of ice, and within there are shimmering mosaics as well as the prominent glass façade with a giant crucifix.
Experience the Arctic Circle
A lot of people are unaware that a significant part of Norway sits inside the Arctic Circle, making it the ideal location to search for the Midnight Sun. The famed Northern Lights are another distinguishing characteristic of the Arctic Circle that you can experience.
Royal Palace of Oslo
King Charles III was supposed to live in the Royal Palace of Oslo when it was first built, but he passed away before it was done. These days, King Harald V and Queen Sonja live here, and during the summer, you can visit and explore some of the chambers.
Oslo Cathedral
One of the city's top attractions is the Oslo Cathedral, which was likely constructed in its present shape during the 11th century. The church was the very first building to be built in Norway and is baroque in design.
Geirangerfjord region
The vast Fjord Norway Network includes the Geirangerfjord, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spectacular waterfalls, magnificent, snow-capped mountain peaks, and rich, green landscapes can be appreciated during your trek through the region.

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