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Introducing Anguilla

This British overseas territory set in the Eastern Caribbean Sea is a small island made for big imaginations and it’s the most off the beaten path destination in the entire island region. The beautiful nation of Anguilla is unlike any other Caribbean country, in the sense that it’s still very much untouched. Hidden away from the footfalls of tourism, Anguilla is an unblemished gem amongst a sea of lively islands. It’s almost as if time stood still here; traditional boats dot the water whilst old clapboard shacks line the beachfront and authenticity is the main attraction. With a few new properties thrown into the mix, this picturesque island is the perfect melting pot of old world and new world, and can offer guests an experience of the real, authentic Caribbean. One thing you definitely won’t find in Anguilla is mega chain resorts; and one thing you will find is a quiet little spot on the beach with no-one else around. Well known among the rich, coveted by romantics, desired by newlyweds, and a dream come true for families who want a relaxing Caribbean holiday, Anguilla is a destination for everyone who wishes to be in paradise. Come and take a long walk down the sandy stretches of Rendezvous Bay and stick around to watch the sunset, venture out to the secluded cove of Little Bay by boat and spend the day sunbathing in privacy, or take a tour of Big Spring and discover it prehistoric petroglyphs carved into the rocks by those who walked here before us. Whatever you decide to get up to, you’ll never be caught up in a crowd. And if it’s nature you love, you’ll appreciate that it’s all around you. Go on an adventure to Scrub Island, Sombrero Island, Dog Island or Prickly Pear Cay and you will be able to spot some of the most spectacular bird species in the world or spend a day exploring East End Pond and its interesting wildlife.

From wedding bells and family vacations to outstanding natural beauty and Caribbean beaches without the crowds, your next destination has to be Anguilla.


Anguilla offers a real taste of the Caribbean for families looking for an authentic island destination without the busy tourist crowds and oversized hotels. Although there aren’t too many big resorts on the island, the main ones have all been designed to be family friendly and offer excellent facilities and amenities to cater to all needs. Anguilla is a British overseas territory, so English is the main language so families with children will find it extremely easy to communicate with the locals – who are by nature, very friendly. The people of Anguilla love children so don’t be surprised if locals and resort staff make a fuss over them and with hotels offering children’s programs and free children’s activities, there’ll be something for everyone to do. The beaches are safe to walk on and the water is great for swimming, plus there are so many beaches, bays and cays to choose from so the kids will never be bored. Transport links are also pretty good so getting around the island should be relatively easy.


Anguillan cuisine is very much influenced by native Caribbean cuisine, but also with influences from Africa, Spain, France and Great Britain. The multicultural influences have created a style of fusion cooking that can be appreciated by all palates and even kids and the fussiest of eaters will find something that they like. Some must-try dishes include grilled / barbecued meats, Jerk chicken or Jerk pork (often served with rice), Callalloo stew (made with Callallo greens), Conch fritters, Lobster bisque and seafood soups. When it comes to tipple, rum of course is a favourite here but there’s also a wide selection of beers, other spirits and wine.

History and Culture

Discovered by the Taino people 4,000 years ago and inhabited by the Arawak and the Carib people and then later a British colony in 1650, the island of Anguilla has had a varied and rich history of different cultural influences. English settlers brought their traditions whilst the centuries saw the French and the Spanish come and go. The people of Anguilla are mainly of African descent but the culture here is still mainly dominated by British colonial rule; from English being the first language and driving on the left side of the road to holidays such as White Monday, this island can in some ways feel extremely British. The Anguillans themselves are very proud of their unique culture and consider themselves to be friendly and peaceful people. There’s a strong emphasis here on faith and family, and you’ll be sure to find everyone you meet extremely friendly.

Top Locations in Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay
Anguilla’s beaches are long and sandy, making them ideal for sunbathing but also great for walking. This island has some of the best walking beaches in the Caribbean and one of the best beaches to take a stroll on is Rendezvous Bay.
East End Pond
If you love nature and birding, head over to East End Pond by Big Spring. This 13 acre shallow pond attracts all kind of wildlife and birdlife and the whole family can have a fun day out here.
Big Spring
Although better known for its beautiful beaches rather than historical sites, the island Anguilla does have Big Spring. This site features prehistoric petroglyphs which have been carved into the stone and is a great attraction for children.
Sombrero Island
Sombrero Island, otherwise known as Hat Island, makes a fantastic excursion for anyone who loves wildlife spotting and bird spotting.
The Valley
As the island’s capital, The Valley is a must. It’s a small township and you can walk from one end to the other in less than an hour. But its old world charm and traditional street fare will make the journey worth it. You will also find some great places to eat including some local street vans selling authentic Anguillan street food.

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