Hungarian, German, Croatian, Romani, Slovak
Hungarian Forint
Flight time
2 hours and 30 minutes from the UK
time difference
UTC/GMT +1 hours
best time to go
May-Jun / Sep-Oct

Introducing Hungary

Travelling to Hungary will open your eyes to the importance of culture and identity. This can be evident in the stunning architecture, vibrant folk art, welcoming thermal spas and its capital, the vibrant and historic city of Budapest.

This fantastic nation takes centre stage when it comes to its cultural wonders. Wonderfully crafted and stunning folk paintings can be found in small wooden churches in the Bereg region and amazing embroidery from the women of Hollók to decorate clothing can be appreciated. At táncházak (dance houses) traditional music is played on a variety of unique instruments, reaffirming the importance of heritage.

Whether you are looking to explore its folklore, embrace its exciting capital city or discover its natural countryside, Hungary will give you a sense of the familiar amidst the exotic and new.

Resorts in Hungary

Top Locations in Hungary

Great Market Hall, Budapest
One of the most well-known markets in all of Hungary, this multi-storey market is housed in an amazing neogothic structure near the Danube's banks. Whilst there, you'll discover local farmers and retailers selling a wide range of fresh produce, local delicacies and impressive dishes.
Cave Bath, Miskolc-tapolca
This amazing thermal spa bath is set in a natural cave that can only be accessed by stepping in. The water, which is mineral-rich and maintains a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, is said to work wonders on one's health. The warm waters there have been attracting visitors since the 17th century.
Hortobágy National Park
Hortobágy National Park is located in Hungary's Great Plains and is the country's biggest protected area. The area is renowned for its abundant culture, in addition to its spectacular scenery. Venture around the park to appreciate and observe delightful plant species, animals and the semi-wild Przewalski Horses.
Necropolis of Sopianae, Pécs
The Necropolis of Sopianae is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hungary. Pécs (formerly known as Sopianae by the Roman Empire) was an important Christian area in the 4th century, and this Necropolis reflects a blend of Christian and Roman traditions. The frescoes and sarcophaguses on display are fascinating artifacts of early Christian art.

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