The perfect escape from the daily grind of the city can be found on an idyllic beach holiday. Unwind and reenergise your senses while soaking up the healing powers of the sun, the sea and the sand all at your own pace. A beach holiday is an ideal vacation for couples, families, friends or single people looking for relaxation and making new memories. The day offers as many or as little activity as you want, there’s of course laying on the beach, soaking up the sun’s magnetic rays, being active with sports on sand and sea and calm strolls on the shore as the waves crash at your feet. There is no better time to unplug and disconnect from the digital world and experience the real, natural world than on a beach holiday. When the sun goes down, you can look forward to a dinner packed with flavour and goodness, an indulgent cocktail and tranquillity awaiting you in the morning.

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