Introducing Korcula Town

The beautiful town of Korcula is like a journey back in time, a journey to an old world Croatia where time hasn’t quite caught up yet. Walk around the quaint, cobbled streets and the traditional squares of Korcula Town and you can join the locals in experiencing Croatia’s laidback island life. Set along the northern coastline of Korcula Island not far from the tip of the Pelješac Peninsula, it’s easily reached from the mainland and there are regular island tours and boat excursions leaving popular destinations such as Dubrovnik. For those who wish to stick around a little longer, there’s much to see and do, and the picturesque beaches and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic will make your trip all the more amazing.

Highlights of Korcula Town

Korcula Old Town
Explore the medieval walled Old Town of Korcula; an area which is home to numerous monuments and buildings as well as some great places to eat and drink. There’s also a fantastic open air cinema plus some top art galleries.
This is one of the main squares in Korcula Town. It’s bustling with locals who come to the fruit and veg market and some of the most popular restaurants in the square are Planjak and Skver.
Punta Jurana
Punta Jurana is a pier and small stretch of coastline from Plokata to Borak, home to some great cafes and restaurants as well as a popular ice cream parlour.
Take a walk up the hill above the Old Town and you’ll reach the English tower of Fort Wellington (Forteca) which was built in 1813. Take the steps from the main square of Plokata.

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