Introducing Tel Aviv

Known as the ‘Mediterranean Manhattan’, Tel Aviv blends beautifully excitement and adventure with its rich culture, history and diversity.
As a destination it is mostly unknown when it comes its stunning beaches, yet its 14 km of glistening Mediterranean coastline is this city’s crowning achievement. Tel Aviv is known for its creatively ambitious and modern, dynamic environment. Inspiration comes in many forms, from the top-notch Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which features works by world-renowned artists, to the secret street art alleyways and avant-garde galleries strewn across the chic Florentin. A city that hardly sleeps, its food culture is as much of a main attraction as its places of interest and the nightlife and social scene is addictive, exhilarating and unmatched.

Highlights of Tel Aviv

Gordon Beach
Gordon Beach, is the ultimate city beach with all the amenities to make your experience unforgettable. Its expansive, white sandy coastline is parallel to the impressive and modern boardwalk, home to numerous bars and restaurants, including a fitness centre. Active visitors can enjoy the array of water sports facilities, as well as the beach volleyball courts, while sun worshippers can relax absorbing the tranquil Mediterranean scenery.
Jaffa Flea Market
The old port city of Jaffa seamlessly fuses the past with the contemporary. When in Israel, you must go to the Jaffa Flea Market, or Shuk Hapishpishim. There are many trinkets and treasures to be found as you make your way through the quaint pathways. Judaica, Persian rugs, antiques, jewellery, and old coins are among the diverse items sold by vendors.
HaYarkon Park
The HaYarkon Park, located just outside of Tel Aviv, is incredibly serene, and can be best described as the equivalent of New York's Central Park. The Park's noteworthy attractions include its lush Tropical Garden, exciting hiking paths, fun bike rentals, and one of Israel's largest waterparks, in addition to the pure beauty and peace of the immaculate lawns bordering the calm river.
Carmel Market
The largest market in Tel Aviv is the Carmel Market (the Shuk Hacarmel). It is a bustling market where vendors sell everything from fruit to gadgets and garments to spices. The Carmel Market is a favourite spot amongst visitors and locals because of the commotion, lively sounds, and uniqueness as Tel Aviv's biggest shuk. An experience that truly captures the impressive food scene and liveliness of its people.

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