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Introducing Rwanda

There is no doubt that Rwanda is famous for its wild mountain gorilla. However, Rwanda has much more to rejoice about. You can unwind on the coast of the transparent-blue Lake Kivu or discover the natural splendours of pristine jungles.

This small nation in central Africa is verdant and mountainous and contains an incredible variety of beautiful landscapes, bio-diversity, and recreational opportunities. Rwanda truly has it all, from the jovial bustle of downtown Kigali to the jungles and big-game savannah of the country’s impressive National Parks.

Top Locations in Rwanda

Your trip to Rwanda would not be complete if you did not visit its popular capital city of Kigali. During your time there do explore the solemn and historic Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre to pay tribute to the thousands of victims of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. There, you may read about how the nation has rebuilt and is teaching the next generation to remember and not repeat the past.
Volcanoes National Park
This amazing natural setting, which is Africa's first national park, is dominated by a verdant dense forest, a bamboo forest, meadows, and enormous lobelias. One of nature's most spectacular opportunities is the chance to observe the endangered mountain gorillas.
With over 260 species of trees and bushes, over 100 varieties of orchids, and enormous lobelia, the mountainous rainforest reserve of Nyungwe National Park, which is located between 1600 and 2950 metres above sea level, is abundant in both flora and wildlife. The population of chimpanzees in Rwanda, which is restricted to the Nyungwe National Park and includes a small community in the Cyamudongo Forest, is estimated to be between 400 and 500. During your visit you might see juvenile chimpanzees playing, adults grazing in the fig trees, and other animals swinging deftly between the branches. In addition to chimpanzee trekking, the park offers a variety of extra activities, such as a tour of a nearby tea factory and an exploration of colobus and mangabey monkeys.
Lake Kivu and Kibuye
One of the Great Lakes of Africa, Lake Kivu occupies over half of Rwanda's west side. The "beach city" of Kibuye is located about midway down the lake's shore and offers stunning views of the palm-fringed lake, little rocky beaches, and serene islets.

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