March offers wonderful opportunities to explore impressive short haul and far-flung destinations as crowds are yet to emerge. With spring in the air in most of Europe, heading for a pre-Easter break, means you can ditch the thermals for lighter clothing and coats, as you explore sleepy towns and cities. For cultural and history seeking enthusiasts, Croatia is a wonderful destination packed with fascinating sites from museums, baroque style architectural buildings and castles that will fill you with wonder. If you are in need of a beach holiday and relaxation, where soaking up the sun, lounging on a beach and relishing in delicious culinary excellence is top of the agenda, then head across to the Indian Ocean to places such as Sri Lanka, known for its gorgeous sandy beaches and impressive blend of South Indian, Arab, Malay and Portuguese culinary influences. You could venture even further to the Far East to destinations such as China or Japan known for their exceptional spring blossoms, to experience awe-inspiring sights, mesmerising architecture that blends tradition and modernity.

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