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Introducing Morocco

The magical country of Morocco. Step foot inside this exotic place of ancient cities, snake charmers and riads and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a whole other world. Though just an hour away from Spain by ferry and with its Northern coastline set along the Mediterranean Sea, this North African country couldn’t be further away from Europe in mind and in spirit. Its unique culture is unusual, intriguing, distinctive and somewhat bizarre and everyone who comes here will fall in love with its towns, cities and its people.
Morocco, located in the Northern tip of Africa, faces out into the North Atlantic on its left and out into the Med in its North. And with a mix of Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences, it’s a destination that stands out to many Westerners as one of the most exotic. If you’re looking for a travel experience with a difference, you simply can’t go wrong with a journey to some of Morocco’s most off the beaten path places. Whilst the country offers serious adventure, its proximity to Europe and its robust tourism industry makes it just as accessible and just as easy as any other region in the world. From the busy and colourful market stalls of Marrakech and the romantic colonial architecture of Casablanca to the tourist friendly beaches of Agadir and the incredible Berber villages of the Atlas Mountains, there’s plenty to do and much to see. For families who need rest and relaxation, Agadir or the Mediterranean resorts of Al Hoceima or Saïdia are perfect spots to wind down; for couples in search of sightseeing and romance, the cities of Marrakesh, Casablanca and Rabat will appeal; and for outdoor lovers, the allure of the Sahara or the appeal of the Atlas will be too intriguing to resist. And with spectacular food, interesting people, and so much culture, you’ll find every day to be fascinating, exciting and totally bewitching.


Morocco is located in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. It is Africa’s only country with coastal exposure to both seas. The country shares a land border with Algeria to the east and southeast, and Western Sahara to the south. Morocco also controls a territory, Western Sahara, which is slightly larger than California. Two small Spanish enclaves are situated on Morocco’s northern coast: Ceuta and Melilla.


Morocco is a country that gets plenty of sun all year round. The northern and coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate with 30°C summers. Spring and autumn are warm and pleasant times to visit, with winters rarely getting cold with temperatures around 20°C. However, November to March tends to have more rain. Inland and in the south, the climate gets more extreme. Close to the Sahara, it is scorching in summer and winter nights can get surprisingly cold.


Moroccan cuisine is quintessentially Maghreb and is inspired by the flavours of North Africa, with influences from Europe and the Middle East. Some national dishes to try include Tagine, Bessara (dried broad bean soup), Fish Chermoula (marinated grilled fish), Harira (rich tomato and lentil soup), Couscous, Makouda (deep fried potato balls) and Zaalouk (vegetable salad). Although Morocco is a Muslim country and alcohol is forbidden, you can still find it in many bars and restaurants, as well as hotels and resorts. It will not be readily available in shops but tourist areas will offer alcohol in most places. Local beers to try include Casa Beer and Flag Spéciale (Moroccan Heineken).

History and Culture

The culture of Morocco has changed a great deal throughout the centuries and there have been many influences from the different people who have lived, travelled and settled here, including the Berbers, the Phoenicians, the Arabs, the South Sub-Saharan Africans, the Romans, the Vandals and the Spanish-Andalusians. Today, Morocco is predominantly Muslim; as a moderate Muslim country, there are no extreme beliefs and the Moroccans in this sense, are more lenient and open than other Muslim countries. As people, they are extremely friendly and welcoming and they have been known to make a fuss over foreigners, including kids.


Morocco is one of the most exciting and exotic destinations in the world and kids will love it here. When it comes to facilities and amenities, families will have to do a little further research. Although you won’t find baby changing facilities everywhere, some larger hotels or restaurants may have them. The resorts along the coast tend to be extremely family friendly and will have children’s pools, children’s playgrounds and babysitting services. A huge benefit of travelling to Morocco is that the streets are very safe and even young children can be seen walking around on their own. Public transport as a whole is pretty decent too so you won’t have any trouble getting around from city to city. Taxis are extremely affordable but hiring your own car may make travelling around much easier.

Resorts in Morocco

Recommended Experiences in Morocco

“To visit Morocco is still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines.”

Edith Wharton, writer

Top Locations in Morocco

This is the heart of the country; the cultural hub where snake charmers, hawkers, carpet sellers and food vendors all come together in the endless labyrinth of bazaars, souks and market lanes. Make sure you head to the main square of Jemaa el Fna in the day and at night – it’s worth seeing in both lights. For history, visit the Saadian Tombs or to get away from the hustle and bustle, retreat to the beautiful Jardin Majorelle. Read more
Atlas Mountains
The Atlas Mountains, which also span across Algeria and Tunisia, are easily accessible from Marrakech and there are guided tours which will take you into the Berber villages. The mountain range can be divided into Lower Atlas, Mid Atlas and High Atlas.
For a little romance, Casablanca has to be on your bucket list. This French colonial city offers the most beautiful city sights at night when the Mauresque buildings and European art deco architecture in the downtown area light up. Be sure to see the Hassan II and the Casablanca Cathedral.
For family friendly beach resorts with a long strip along the beach front, Agadir is a great destination. Much of the beach is open to the public but most of the beachfront resorts will also have their own private beach areas, making it extremely safe for kids.
This stunning capital city is the place to come for sights and culture. Known for its landmarks, it’s a great destination for anyone who’s interested in sightseeing and guided city tours. The city boasts spectacular Islamic and French colonial architecture; be sure to visit the Kasbah of the Udayas, the iconic Hassan Tower and the Chellah gardens and ruins.

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