The solo traveller experience is about discovering your passions, your interests and doing so unapologetically. The world is in the palm of your hands, your time is yours and your experiences become your memories. Solo travel can offer you a relaxed, stress-free holiday experience where you are in control of your journey and the activities you wish to embark on. You could explore great cities, hike and discover mountainous terrains, relax by the pool or sea or camp under the stars. Moreover, travelling independently will enable you to try new things, meet other likeminded people, make new friends along the way, and indulge in new places without a sense of urgency. Technology has certainly paved the way for easy accessing of information about places to visit, how to get to locations and recommendations, which means you are never short of ideas on what to do next. If you want to stretch yourself and create your own unforgettable holiday adventure, then look no further than a solo experience.

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