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Introducing Lithuania

Lithuania has spectacular natural beauty as well as a distinct combination of architectural details, including Nouveau, Neoclassical, Baroque, Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance style. This nation in northern Europe has a lot to offer individuals who are interested in culture, nature wonders and heritage. Dense forests cover about 40% of Lithuania. Many of these magnificent forests are preserved by Lithuania’s five magnificent national parks, which are spread throughout the country. These woodlands are home to a variety of species, including roe deer, wild boar, and hedgehogs, as well as delicate vegetation such as wild berries and carnivorous plants. Moreover, Lithuania is known for its magnificent sand dunes which can be found in its National Park of the Curonian Spit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Recommended Experiences in Lithuania

Top Locations in Lithuania

Vilnius Old Town
Vilnius Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located at the junction of two of Lithuania's major rivers. It is regarded as one of Europe's premier mediaeval towns because of its remarkably well-preserved buildings, which feature Gothic, Renaissance, and Neo-Classical architecture. Here, cobblestone streets dazzle as restaurants and cafes welcome visitors and locals daily, amidst the stunning architecture that surrounds them.
Explore the Curonian Spit & Kursiu Nerija National Park
The Curonian Spit is a lengthy stretch of sand with part of the spit situated in Russia, while the northern end is in Lithuania. The spit is the result of a 5,000-year-old glacier, and it has some of Europe's highest dunes.
Visit the Aukstaitija National Park
Beautiful pine and spruce trees can be found throughout the 400 square kilometre Aukstaitija National Park. You may find wild boar, as well as deer and elk, and you can experience the native flora and wildlife of Lithuania. The park features 30 rivers and 126 lakes, and an astounding 30% of it is surrounded by water.
Explore the Siauliai Hill of Crosses
The Hill of Crosses is a small hilltop located close to Siauliai. Numerous miniature crucifixes and gigantic crosses made of metal and wood are among the thousands of crosses that may be found here. The location, which honours the fervour of Lithuanians, is now a popular destination for pilgrims. The Hill of Crosses also serves as a tribute to those who have lost their lives over the years, as a result of revolutions and civil unrest.

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