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I’m Tricia, and I am truly passionate about all things travel. I’ve been in the industry ever since I left school in 1986 and in 2013, decided to start my own travel business selling what I love most- special experiences, new memories, different horizons, great holidays!

With a Spanish mother and Italian father, my summer holidays as a child entailed going to Spain and Italy to see my extended family. I was really fascinated by the fact that just a few hours on a plane (or car and ferry ride!) a whole new world would open up, my horizon would be shuffled – I would listen with intent to the change of language,the smells of different foods, I would get excited at the warm weather which meant I could swim in the sea. I was amazed at the differences in my new surroundings, I could sit for hours and look the beauty of the winding river and the animals that lived in and around it, the contrast of colour where the pine forest would meet the sand and sea, the sounds of sellers on market day- I was intoxicated with it all. This is where my curiosity to see other places was born

As a young adult, I would disappear for months to go and explore a new country and see the world and I have had some really unforgettable experiences along the way. Nights in the Thar desert on a camel safari, staying with an indigenous tribe for a week in the amazon jungle, seeing wildlife on safari in Kenya, sharing a boat with livestock onboard in Indonesia, discovering the beautiful islands of the Seychelles- exploring European cities are just a few of many trips and I have to say, I have loved every single journey and I am still discovering new places

I have travelled extensively and worked in all sectors of the travel industry -a flight consolidator, tour operator to the trade, retail travel, I’ve been an adventure travel specialist, I was travel operations manager running a corporate travel agency, I have worked for Which? Consumer group advising their Travel magazine subscribers. I have negotiated many several airline contracts, hotels and ground arrangements on corporate as well as for leisure.

So, whether you are looking for a city break in Europe, a beach holiday in the med, a safari in Africa, an overseas wedding, a long weekend in Dubai, want to climb a mountain, a honeymoon, embark on a cruise, go a long expedition, a tailor-made itinerary or just a cheeky getaway -I’m here to advise you- pick up the phone, send me an email or ping me a message, let me shuffle your horizons


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