Port Moresby
Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu, English
Papua New Guinean Kina
Flight time
26 hours from the UK
time difference
UTC/GMT +10 hours
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Introducing Papa New Guinea

Over 600 islands make up the fascinating country that is Papua New Guinea, located 100 miles north of Australia. Though tourism has not yet peaked, it provides an amazing destination to appreciate nature’s beauty uninterrupted and without mass crowds.

There is also a wide variety of unusual flora and animals to observe, making it a unique destination for exploring ecosystems and biodiversity.

This amazing group of islands offers a combination of vivid interactions with traditional tribes and world-class diving just metres from immaculate sandy beaches. The country’s traditions and cultures are still intact, and tourists can participate in fire-dancing rituals and connect with the masked mud-men of Goroka. Wild and captivating it will ensure it lives up to its name as the ‘land of the unexpected’.

Top Locations in Papa New Guinea

Kokoda Trail
Experience the grand Kokoda Trail which goes through the rainforest for 96km and discover the rich war history of the region, challenge yourself physically and mentally through the adventurous hike and embrace the spectacular natural scenery that unfolds.
National Museum and Gallery
A trip to the National Museum and Gallery will allow you to learn more about Papua New Guinea's past and present. Over 20,000 combat artefacts and over 25,000 archaeological specimens are housed in the museum. The museum also contains a modest collection of PNG contemporary works of art, including paintings and sculptures.
Asaro Mudmen
The Asaro Mudmen, Papua New Guinean warriors who dress in grey mud masks and coat themselves in mud, are an iconic spectacle. The roots of the mudmen are said to have come from a rival tribe that had been vanquished. The men fled back into the Asaro River, emerging from the banks covered in a layer of muddy grey sludge. The hostile tribesmen, seeing these ghost-like forms, were afraid of them and thought they possessed unique abilities. Today, travellers can experience tours of the village where a replica of the scenario has been made.
Bomara War Cemetery
Many World War II service members who died in battle in Papua and Bougainville are laid to rest in the Bomana War Cemetery. The cemetery has more than 3,200 graves and is the only one in Papua New Guinea with a Stone of Remembrance and white marble tombstones.

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