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March, May, and September
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2hrs 40mins


Embark on a journey of discovery to the Bay of Naples, where the echoes of a golden age still reverberate. Explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii and Villa Oplontis, frozen in time by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Walk the same streets, admire the same frescoes and mosaics, and witness the grandeur of a world long gone.

Meanwhile, Herculaneum, preserved entirely by the encasing mud, awaits to reveal its wonders. Marvel at the magnificent temples of Paestum and immerse yourself in the rich history of Cumae, one of the most ancient Greek colonies in Italy.

This tour will enchant you with breathtaking views, captivating ruins, and a fascinating past shrouded in mystery. So, come and experience the unforgettable treasures of the Bay of Naples.

At a Glance

7 Days & 6 Nights
Guide price
From £1,995 (including flights)
Cities/Destinations (in order)
Naples - Baia - Cumae - Naples - Pompeii - Oplontis - Herculaneum - Naples
Tour Type
Fully escorted tour with a lecturer and experienced local guides
Tour Theme
Arts and Culture
Activity Level
Requires a good level of fitness as long walks over uneven terrain are involved
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Habita79 Hotel (or similar)
Board Basis
Varied - please see the sample itinerary for more details
Min|Max Group Size
Naples - Naples
Amalfi Coast (3 days and 2 nights starting from £495)



Pompeii is a place of wonder and awe. It’s an ancient city frozen in time by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Now, you can explore newly restored houses, stroll through the streets, and admire the grandeur of its ancient monuments.


Paestum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with ancient Greek temples. Here you can explore three magnificent Doric temples, two dedicated to Hera and one to Athena, though they are mistakenly called the Temple of Neptune and the Temple of Ceres. It’s an incredible experience to walk among the ruins and admire their impressive architecture.


Cumae is home to many ancient archaeological sites, including the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Temple of Demeter. It’s also the site of one of the earliest Greek colonies in Italy and is thought to have been founded by settlers from Euboea in the 8th century BC.

Villa Poppaea in Oplontis

Oplontis’ Villa Poppaea has been preserved since the 1st century AD, showcasing a luxurious lifestyle and numerous artifacts. This villa is said to have belonged to Poppaea Sabina, the second wife of Emperor Nero.

Naples Cathedral

Naples Cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture. This 12th-century church is home to the relics of Saint Januarius, the patron saint of Naples. It is also the site of a beautiful crypt carved from marble and filled with precious frescoes.

Sample Itinerary

Discover the Secrets of the Ancients with This Sample Itinerary of the Bay of Naples

You’ll be enchanted by the beauty and history around you when you embark on an unforgettable tour of the Bay of Naples. From Naples’s bustling streets to Pompeii’s ancient ruins, this sample itinerary will introduce you to some incredible sights.

Day 1: Fly to Naples

Today is the start of an incredible journey! Fly from the UK to Naples, Italy. Then, check into your hotel, where you’ll spend six nights while exploring the wonders of the Bay of Naples during the day.
(Flight included | Airport transfer | (D)

Day 2: Naples

Today, you will be guided through the vibrant streets of Naples, visiting the majestic Monastero di Santa Chiara, known for its beautiful majolica tiled cloister of the Clarisses. Next, delve into the heart of the city with a stroll down Spaccanapoli, a street that bisects the city and showcases its rich history. Afterward, marvel at the stunning works of art at Cappella San Severo, including the famous statue of “Veiled Christ.”
In the afternoon, go out on your own to uncover the city’s hidden gems. Explore the colorful street markets, sample regional specialties from the local pizzeria, or take a boat ride to explore the surrounding islands. In the evening, enjoy dinner and drinks in one of Naples’ lively squares.

Day 3: Baia | Cave di Cuma

The day begins with a visit to the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Baia, known for its luxurious thermal baths and as a favorite vacation spot for the Roman elite. Next, discover the imposing Baia castle, a 16th-century Argonese fortification built on the ruins of Julius Caesar’s villa.
Then, it’s time to make your way to Cuma, the first Greek colony on the Italian mainland. It was a center of learning and the birthplace of the Cumaean Sibyl, a figure from Greek mythology who was said to have the gift of prophecy.

Day 4: Naples

Today, you’ll have the opportunity to explore more of Naples. Begin your day at the resplendent Certosa di San Martino, an impressive fourteenth-century Carthusian Monastery that is now a museum. It showcases the rich history of Naples, featuring Spanish and Bourbon-era artifacts and among the finest displays of the Nativity scene in the world.
Next, hop on a funicular and head to Naples’ vibrant Pignasecca Market, a bustling, open-air market full of colorful stalls and tempting smells.
Conclude your day with a tour of the awe-inspiring Duomo. Constructed in the early 14th century, the magnificent Naples Cathedral is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks and is renowned for its remarkable architecture and abundant history.
(B, L)

Day 5: Pompeii | Oplontis

Today, journey back in time as you explore the ancient city of Pompeii, frozen in time by the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Marvel at the grandeur of its ancient architecture, including the basilica and the Temple of Apollo, both of which were built in the 2nd century BC. Then, enter the Amphitheater of Pompeii, a remarkable feat of ancient engineering that could seat up to 20,000 spectators and is considered one of the earliest stone Roman amphitheaters.
Afterward, explore Oplontis and uncover the remains of a luxurious villa that may have once belonged to Poppaea Sabina, the second wife of Emperor Nero. Finally, end your day with a wine tasting at a local estate.

Day 6: Herculaneum | Naples

Start your day in Herculaneum, an ancient city founded by the Greek hero Heracles and nearly perfectly preserved by the same volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii. Marvel at the Casa d’Argo, an exquisite villa unearthed in the 19th century, and the Casa di Nettuno e Anfitrite, which boasts breathtaking mosaics and wall paintings.
Then, go to the Terme del Foro, a public bathhouse used in antiquity, before returning to Naples to visit its archaeological museum. There you’ll find artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum, along with an astounding collection of Roman statues and sculptures.

Day 7: Paestum | Naples | Fly to London

Today, you visit the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum. Here you will find three magnificent Doric temples, two dedicated to Hera and one to Athena. The Temple of Hera I is thought to be the oldest of these structures, dating back to 550 BC.
The Temple of Hera II, sometimes known as the Temple of Neptune, is one of the best-preserved temples in Italy, built in the Doric order around 460–450 BC.
The Temple of Ceres, as it is called, despite being dedicated to Athena, is also an impressive sight, constructed in limestone and thought to have been built around 500 BC.
Subsequently, you will transfer to Naples Airport to fly home to London with a wealth of memories and a renewed appreciation for the rich history of Southern Italy.
(Flight included | Airport transfer | B, L)