Naturist Holidays may still conventionally be regarded as a taboo, but more so than ever are popular destinations exploring this “natural” way of enjoying a beach getaway. Part of enjoying a naturist holiday includes being free, experiencing the warm sunshine caressing every inch of your body, and not feeling conscious about the way you look or what you are wearing, or in this case not wearing. Being almost at one with nature, in your own au natural self is exhilarating and joyful and more people have been warming to the idea of a naturist holiday. Fantastic destinations including Croatia, the Canaries, Greece and islands in the Caribbean have developed areas of their coastlines where visitors, as well as local residents, can enjoy strolling down the beach, soaking up their dose of Vitamin D and swimming in the crystal-clear waters naked and carefree. Why not enjoy your next beach vacation completely free in mind, body and soul?

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